Enhancing your mood with scents!

The power of scent is completely underestimated when it comes to how it can affect your mood! Certain scents can bring back a memory from your childhood, make you feel confident, relaxed and more. This happens because our sense of smell is closely linked to the limbic system. This is a part of our brain that is responsible for our emotions and interpreting memories. You will usually associate a scent with how you felt the first time you smelt it. For example, one of my first memories of smell was my grandmother’s perfume when I was a child. Now when I smell a perfume with a hint of vanilla/floral scent, I’m taken back to when I stayed with her during summers and would come back from playing outside to one of her warm hugs.

All of this to say, the scents we wear can have an impact in our lives. Make sure they are ones you love or ones that are sure to enhance your life! For example, one of my personal favorite scents from our selection is Bay Man. I love the patchouli vanilla scent so I keep a Bay Man beard oil around to use as a cologne/perfume and it makes my morning routine feel complete. Another example is lavender essential oil (used in our soap, body balm, bath crumble and soon coming body butter). This has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. I hope these give you some ideas of how to live a more scent-sual life! :)