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Massive Sale!
Massive Sale!

Earthangel Cares

Helping others in need:

Earthangel Soaps has and continues to donate bars of soap to assist children around the world who have limited basic necessities. We also created special limited edition bars and donated those proceeds to humanitarian groups that provided aid to Puerto Rico during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Helping others who give back: 

We donate to our troops, they support us and we will never forget that.

We are honored to work with special interest and enrichment groups that teach growth, empowerment, and leadership skills. These associations help both young and old and provide teaching, training, and technical skills to individuals who have a passion for personal success.

We’ve also donated to large expos that focus on health, infant care, beauty events, and other causes that focus on wellness and holistic development. 

Reducing waste:

We believe in not wasting product that is older but is still functional and could otherwise be used. Bars that have damage, smaller slices of bars that were at the end of logs, testers, demo and sample bars, we call Broken Wings. Broken Wings have a lower price tag and can be found only at markets. In addition, we reuse boxes until they can’t be used anymore, we pack our garbage bags until they can’t be packed anymore, reuse paper, and do everything we can to help create as little waste as possible.


How can we help you?

What can we do to help your cause? Please use the Contact Form on our site and let us know what we can do to support you.