Blast those germs away!

If we’ve learned anything about hygiene throughout the time of COVID, it’s that keeping our hands clean is a sure way to lower our chances of getting it. Washing your hands regularly and keeping hand sanitizer on you can prevent the spread of coronavirus- keeping you healthy and safe while going about your day as normally as you can. Hand soap and a sink are not always available in many situations so having hand sanitizer on you is your best bet!

Picking out the right hand sanitizer can make your day more effortless. We’ve tried various hand sanitizers and the majority of them either made our hands feel too sticky after applying or had a smell that made us feel like we were constantly in the doctor’s office.

Another consideration to make when choosing hand sanitizer is the container it’s in. Hand sanitizer containers are usually pop-top, which can be hard to open when you just need a quick spritz.

We made our BLAST! Hand Sanitizer Spray with all this in mind! The container we chose is one that is easily accessible and easy to carry with you. All you need to do is take it out of your bag or pocket and press down on the spray nozzle to get a quick, cleansing spritz. The fragrances (cucumber melon and orange zest) make you feel like you’re spraying a dab of perfume on your hands. For those who like it basic, we have an unscented option too.

Our formulation sanitizes while feeling light on your hands. We’re truly happy with how our BLAST! Hand Sprays work and we hope they’ll make your hands happy too!