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Why our Soap is better

Why our Soap is better

Have you ever compared bar soap from a store to cold process soap? To me, there really is no comparison. Bar soap from a store is more accurately detergent bars made with items put together to clean and strip the skin. Some manufacturers like to say your skin feels cleaner with their product: to give you the illusion that stripping of all moisture is a good thing. These bars usually contain cheap lathering agents -  like sodium lauryl sulfate - that have a drying effect on the skin, as well as being the source of many skin irritations. The anti-bacterial types are even worse; triclosan for example, is associated with helping bacteria develop into super organisms, resistant to antibiotics. We don’t need to nuke bacteria, we just need to wash it off. 

Cold process soap is made with oils, butters, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, and in our case, love. It is so unlike any other soap you can purchase commercially, you will be amazed at what you have been missing. It goes on your skin like silk, lathers beautifully, and leaves it softer than before you got in the shower. The process of all the ingredients coming together is called saponification, which turns the individual components into soap, of which glycerin is a by-product.  Glycerin is natural to the body, part of our own lipid structure, and what is stripped from commercial bar soap to sell to the secondary market for cosmetic purposes. It is what makes your skin feel so soft when you get out of the shower. 

The oils used in cold process soap each bring their own qualities to the bar. For example, coconut oil is used in every bar we offer except castile (which is 100% olive oil). Coconut oil primarily brings lathering qualities and adds whiteness. Castor oil boosts lather for bigger bubbles. Olive oil…there is no oil quite like it. It doesn’t contribute a lot of lather, but instead adds mildness. Used by itself, it is the gentlest bar you can possibly have, suitable for baby skin and those with hypersensitivity to many types of commercial soap. Palm oil adds creaminess to the soap as well as a stable lather, and shea butter adds a buttery creaminess and lathering qualities. Lard also makes a harder, whiter bar, and can stand by itself for a nicely balanced soap. Like how all the instruments in an orchestra add their own unique sound to a symphony, our soap is a symphony of delight for the senses when you use it. No matter which bar you choose, we are sure you will love it! Once you use a quality soap, you won’t want anything else.

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