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What makes them so special?

What makes them so special?

Our top selling bars are Target: Acne, Earth Bar and Lavender. What makes them so special?

Our Target: Acne bar was certainly inspired by my angelic guides when my sister asked me for a bar to help her son's acne. I believe simple is best, so a bar rich in olive oil, with scrubby oatmeal for exfoliation, and skin balancing witch hazel combine for a wonderfully cleansing and toning soap that leaves your face and body feeling clean and fresh, not tight or greasy.

Our Earth Bar was requested by my partner, Will, after listening to people ask for a black soap that worked at detoxing pores. It’s our basic soap rich in olive oil, with the addition of activated charcoal that works beautifully at cleaning skin (as well as those black masks) in a non-messy simple-to-use bar. We add Dead Sea mud which is rich in salt, magnesium and trace minerals, which has demonstrated healing benefits on its own. What's not to love?

Our Lavender bar.... just a classic. Lavender is known for its calming and soothing scent, and this bar with olive oil and our special combo of coconut milk and aloe, make it much loved and brings people back for more.
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