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The Magic of Saponification

The Magic of Saponification

Who doesn't love a good magic show? Usually we're left scratching our head: how did they do that? As for soapmaking, isn't the process of oils, liquids and lye becoming soap a bit of a magic show?

This concoction that we create with our wonderful oils, butters, liquids, fragrance and colors opens a universe of possibilities for creative expression. It doesn't matter how many times you've made soap, whether it's your first batch or your 1000th batch, there's always the anticipation: what will the cut look like?

The magical process of saponification is really just a chemical reaction and it's something to which one can become addicted to. Wanting to always make better quality soap, I would join Facebook groups, go to conferences, read articles on every aspect of soapmaking I could find, and experiment to shape my skills into what they are today. I would definitely say that the more you learn, the more you find there is to learn.

You're sure to enjoy Earthangel Soaps, whatever your scent preference, for we always say "Once you use quality soap, nothing else will do!”

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