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The Joy of Lavender

The Joy of Lavender

Lavender. Love it or hate it you have to admit it’s one of the most soothing, calming scents there is. It’s one of our most requested scents, simultaneously refreshing and relaxing with its light floral aroma. 

It’s said that lavender can reduce anxiety and promote a restful sleep. Lavender essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s also has antiseptic and anti-fungal elements as is gentle enough for babies. Topically, it is useful in balancing skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It can aid in treating minor burns and other skin irritations and help speed healing in addition to boosting collagen synthesis.

Lavender essential oil can also be used for respiratory distress such as cough and cold, bronchitis, sinus congestion, asthma, and whooping cough when used in a diffuser. The vapor has antibacterial qualities and can help loosen phlegm and relieve congestion. There are many other uses for this vibrant herb.

Try our soap, body butter, wand, and other bath items infused with lavender and they will add joy to your life!

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