Quick Tip - Long lasting Bars

When using any of our soap bars, you might wonder how you can make them last even longer. The bars are water activated and normally will last about 30 showers depending on how much you lather.

One way to make our bars last longer (yes, we are telling you how to make the bars last longer) is to cut the bar into smaller pieces. We recommend cutting into thirds. That way you only wet and use one piece at a time while the other two pieces are kept in a dry space. Water breaks down a bar so ideally having another soap dish outside of the shower for the dry pieces will make your bars last!

Another way to keep your bar lasting as long as possible, is to keep your bar up and dry between each use by placing the bar in a shower rack and out of sitting water. This allows the bar to dry out between each use.

You know it’s a great tip when we’re telling you how to get as much use out of a product as you can!

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