If you’ve read the ‘“Beauty Sleep” blog post, this one is an addition to it. The next foundational step to getting your beauty routine right before even using any products. Hydration. Drinking water throughout the day in order to nourish and hydrate your body, organs and skin. Something that is somehow hard for all of us to do consistently, me included.

We all know it’s good for us (benefits being: tightening skin, balancing our pH, flushing toxins, reducing wrinkles, preventing acne, moisturizes, increases elasticity of skin and more). 

We just have to commit to drinking more water daily. In the past, I used an app called “My Water & Drink Reminder” that would send me a notification every hour saying “Hey, you need to drink more to reach your daily goal!”. It had a cute water drop animation showing how many mL of water I drank already. I highly recommend this if you are needing “hydration buddy”. 

I hope this tip helps you increase your water intake! We are all just house plants with complicated emotions.