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Have a Berry Delicious Day!

Have a Berry Delicious Day!

It’s about that time of year when we are weary of the cold and snow, weary of being cooped up inside, and ready for sunshine and warmth. Often called the dregs of winter (or cabin fever) it seems as though spring will never get here.
I live in the northern environs, and I know it can be depressing, so even going outside for a few minutes in the cold sunshine helps to bring some Vitamin D into the body and makes me feel a little better. Bringing some flowers into the house reminds me that spring is coming, and what I particularly love is a nice hot shower with our Acai Berry soap.
It’s a cheery red with swirls of yellow and blue, and that sparkling berry blast scent is invigorating, not to mention your skin feels softer afterwards than before you got in the shower.
Use our Berry Blast! body balm for another layer of’ll want to keep smelling your arms, hands, or anywhere you apply the soothing delightfully fragrant balm to those rough patches we always seem to get.
Our Berry Blast! natural deodorant is a top seller, one we have trouble keeping in stock. It’s so creamy and effective and has that delicious blast of fruity scent.
And best of all is our Smooth about feeling as if you dipped your body in silk, taking that nice relaxing bath!  Ah.....I think winter has about disappeared now. Try our Berry Blast line of products to see for yourself why they’re so loved!
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