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Bombs Away!

Bombs Away!

When was the last time you found a bath bomb you could truly LOVE?  The kind that explodes in yummy-ness in your tub? We call them Smooth Cubes, and we have six fabulous scents to choose from. How will you decide?

Why do we call them Smooth Cubes? Because they are loaded with skin-loving ingredients: mango butter, a combination of oils, baking soda, citric acid to make them 'explode', and aloe to soothe your skin. When you get out of the tub, your skin will feel like you were dipped in silk and you won't have a colored ring around your tub to worry about!

We prefer to offer a simple, non-colored extravagant product. My favorite scent is Jamaica Me Crazy, a tropical favorite with coconut and pineapple mango... just a simple, dreamy scent. Bay Breeze offers an escape to the seashore with its' watery freshness and notes of spice and patchouli. Berry Blast, a fruit-lovers delight with Acai berries will put you in your own fresh world for a little while. Coconut Lime, that delightful coconut-y scent with tropical lime....mmmmm. Classic Lavender for when you want to totally relax and mellow out. And Rainbow Dream for the little ones, or anyone that loves the playful grape-scented vanilla notes that make this one so delightful.

Mmmmm, makes me want to soak in the tub right now!

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